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The Chairman Wu Delivered an Important Speech at the Seminar on the Development of Greatoo Institute

On the morning of October 22, the company organized a seminar on the development of Greatoo Institute. The leaders of the company's various Business Departments and administrative staff of the Administrative Departments attended the meeting. Chairman Wu attended and delivered an important speech.
The seminar was first reported by the special person in charge of Greatoo Institute. The deputy director of the Office Wu Xiaozhe made a report on the main work of the Greatoo Institute. Director Liao Fuxing made a special report on the production training of Bussiness Division of Tire Molds. Vice President Chen made a special report on traditional culture education. Dean Wu gave a speech on "What Greatoo Institute can help you?", he pointed out that the company has weakness in soft power in the emergence stage, and must rely on decision-making ability, relying on the quality of employees, relying on corporate culture, and relying on uniting people's hearts, and these are all inseparable from learning, publicity and education, and he used this as an entry point and invited the leaders attending the seminar to express their opinions. Subsequently, Zhang Jinfang, Huang Jiawei and Hong Runlong comrades put forward practical suggestions on the teaching mechanism, curriculum and staffing of the college.
At the meeting, Chairman Wu Chaozhong delivered an important speech. Chairman Wu talked about the situation of the institute in the development of Greatoo, reviewed the history of the development of the institute, and expressed his gratitude to the presenters on behalf of the board of directors. At the same time, he made several key comments on how to run the institute in the future.
Firstly, the scene teaching. In addition to closely following the company's development strategy, and focuses on major issues such as corporate culture, corporate strategy, political and economic development, and public relations. The institute must also should pay attention to the problems that arise in the development process of the enterprise and urgently need to be solved. Targeted and compulsory small class classes can be carried out, which not only facilitates on-the-spot interaction, but also flexibly arranges class time, and can achieve immediate learning results.
Secondly, practical teaching. For the first-line workers, technical engineering teams, business management personnel, etc. to carry out teaching and training tasks, select part-time internal trainers within the company, open up the people's wisdom, and allocate funds, including sending out for further study. Professional, intriguing and practical courses are taught by internal trainers and externally hired experts; what’s more, online paid education can also be offered as a supplementary course for teaching. With the technical level of engineering and technical staff and technical workers as the goal, through application transformation, the teaching has become a strong support for enterprise development and solve practical problems.
Thirdly, the point system teaching. The institute has not yet formed a systematic curriculum resource and lecturer resources. It is necessary to enrich the content and form of the teaching by means of coming in and going out. The point system can be introduced to promote the construction of the curriculum system and the self-consciousness of the students. The orientation of Greatoo Institute is "a high-quality, applied-type professional skills school with profound humanistic colors and a solid knowledge base". It is necessary to have a planned and step-by-step innovative talent training mechanism to enable the institute to assume the responsibility of educating people.
Fourthly, mission-sense teaching. The institute should organize more seminars, return visits, assessments, and listening to opinions, including curriculum resources, lecturer resources, class duration, training modules, etc., and listen to various voices in many forms and at various angles, especially the voice of criticism is more conducive to the healthy development of the institute. We can learn from the practical experience of the "dual system" teaching method, formulate the curriculum system and work plan for next year, determine effective goals, focus resources, and make breakthroughs in key areas to make it more in line with the Greatoo development strategy.
Fifthly, moral education teaching. The development of Greatoo requires a great round of human morality. Greatoo Institute serve as a moral education position for the company, it should provide strong ideological guarantee, quality assurance and behavior guarantee for the healthy development of Greatoo. What was mentioned at the Dabeishan meeting at the end of 2015: It is the moral power makes Greatoo flourish. We require that students pay attention to moral education and adhere to keep it in the mind. Voluntary communicators can be motivated to study outside, enter into the propaganda of various business units, and cooperate with representatives of outstanding external enterprises to make Chinese excellent traditional culture become popular in the company.

Finally, the meeting came to a close with warm applause.