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"Do not Forget the Initial Heart, Keep in Mind the Mission" Educational Activities of Greatoo Party Branch

Recently, according to the notice of the higher-level party committee's "Implementation on the implementation plan of the theme of Do not Forget the Initial Heart, Keep in Mind the Mission", Wu Yingxiong, secretary of Greatoo party branch, took the title of "Do not Forget the Initial Heart and Follow the Party, Keeping in Mind the Mission of the Pioneer". In the two aspects of "the profound connotation of the Chinese Communists' initial heart and mission" and "practicing the initial heart and not humiliating the mission to become a new era pioneer", combined with the company's development, a vivid party class was given to all party members. 
Secretary Wu Yingxiong borrowed a sentence from Secretary Xi Jinping to encourage everyone: "Someone is not a qualified Communist Party member if he has no great ideal; leaving the real work and talking about lofty ideals is also not a qualified Communist." He pointed out that in the new era, we must not forget the initial heart, bear in mind the mission, and the most important thing is to devote ourselves to the practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, transforming the "initial heart" into the determination and will to build the overall well-off society, and transformed into responsibility for accomplishing the party's current tasks and practical actions to do the work of the unit and individual positions, and practice its "initial heart" and "mission" from the action.
Since the mobilization meeting was held at the end of September, the Greatoo Party Branch has formulated practical and feasible activities scheme according to the actual production and operation of the company. All party members firmly grasp the overall requirements of "keeping the heart, taking the mission, finding the gap, and grasping the implementation". The educational activities with theme of "Do not Forget the Initial Heart, Keep in Mind the Mission" continues to heat up. All the party members worked hard to read the original work, learn the original text, and understand the truth, and promote the theme education with practical actions. The company's party branch has created a good learning atmosphere by holding special party classes, watching learning videos, reading red classics, talking about experiences and other activities; the company's party branch committee is also actively carrying out various forms of theme party days activities, organizing some party members to do some cleaning activities in the Longgang Road and Zhanqian Road factory area; in addition, the company also organized a "don't forget the initial heart and love peers" donation activities, to help the company's difficult employees, in order to find the party members' awareness, take responsibility, serve the masses, observe discipline and play a role.

Through study, everyone agreed that Xi Jinping's thinking in new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, as the ideological banner, spiritual soul, and action program of the entire party and the people of the whole country, showed great ideological charm and cohesive practice in the new era. At the same time, they unanimously stated that they will strive to embody the learning achievements of "Do not Forget the Initial Heart, Keep in Mind the Mission" in the work performance.