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The Second Badminton

In order to cultivate the tenacious fighting spirit and good will quality of Greatoo staff, and enrich their amateur cultural life, on October 23, Greatoo (Guangzhou) Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. carefully planned and organized the second badminton competition. The competition kicked off at the Universe Badminton Hall and received the attention of the leaders of the company and the support and participation of the staff. 
The competition takes the form of a mixed team competition. Each team consists of 5 members, and the employees themselves form a team to register. Before the competition, the participants carefully warmed up and went to the stadium to familiarize themselves with the venue and strive to greet the competition in the best condition. The competition officially began as the referee carefully read the competition. The players wore light sportswear and were active on the field as the light badminton fluttered back and forth in the air. The players moved quickly, seeing direct, waiting for the best time to catch the ball, giving the other party a slam. On the court, fierce and powerful swings came and went, ushered in the excitement and admiration of the audience, and even attracted the onlookers of other companies in the badminton hall. In the final, the first badminton champion Luo Jianlong and the new employee Chen Shuncheng's singles game pushed the atmosphere to a climax. The two were skilled and scored, powerful swings and high-tech fights have made the badminton's charm infect all the audience. After fierce competition, Chen Shuncheng's gantry transplanting team successfully won the second badminton championship of Greatoo(Guangzhou). The unbeaten team and the wind feather unrestrained team won the runner-up and the third runner-up respectively.

The people who work diligently, and who are passionate about life, are the solid backing to support the company's fast operation. Through this competition, we have solidified the strength of the team and provided a platform for employees to show themselves. In the future, we will continue to enrich corporate culture activities, strive to build an atmosphere of happy work, and promote the harmonious and innovative development of enterprises.